ce-profile-thumbnailAbout this blog
I created this blog to participate in thoughtvectors.net — the research writing MOOC  UNIV200 taught at Virginia Commonwealth University, entirely online. The website combines blogposts from all the participants. See especially the course Syllabus. See also the course Twitter feed #thoughtvectors and how this course was conceived.

About me and the Doug Engelbart Institute
I am Christina Engelbart, Executive Director of the Doug Engelbart Institute, which co-sponsors the Engelbart Scholars Award associated with this MOOC.  I have a BA degree in Cultural Anthropology from UC Berkeley, where I became especially interested in Applied Anthropology and the Anthropology of Organizations which I then discovered tied right in to my father’s work — as a kid growing up I didn’t know that much about what my dad did other than he was excited about his work and he had a computer lab that was developing technology to support collaborative knowledge work which didn’t mean much to me as a kid, until I got interested in how organizations worked, or didn’t work, and came to learn how much of my father’s work was about people organized around a common cause trying to make a difference in the world faster, smarter, and more cost-effectively.  I interned in his lab, became one of a handful of account reps for their growing customer base, took a few years off to do a Silicon Valley startup, and in 1988 joined forces with my dad to found his own Institute to carry on his work. See also my primary blog “Collective IQ” where I post musings about our work.

My relationship to this project
I have recently had the pleasure and honor of collaborating in concept space with Dr. Campbell and his team who created this MOOC since the idea of it first emerged as a thought vector, which has been a very exciting process, and I am thrilled to participate. On behalf of the Doug Engelbart Institute I am also co-sponsoring the Engelbart Scholars Award associated with this MOOC. See my blogpost on my recent visit to VCU.

My Interests
being a mom, being a mom, being a mom, my dog, “aesthetic unity” (per Gregory Bateson), sustainability, community, “go local, network globally”,  health and wellness, biohacking, any excuse to connect with family and friends, “real food”, organic gardening, tending chickens and ducks on pasture, dancing, singing and playing music with friends and family, green investing, reading mysteries, watching TED talks, documentaries and mostly British TV series; kenken, cribbage, Bananagrams, a little juggling; dancing includes especially scandinavian folk dance, formerly also balkan and transylvanian; singing includes especially 3-part bluegrass, some folk, country, scandinavian, balkan — pretty much I love harmony singing; green investing originally through the first ever investment club based on solari.com


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