Links referenced in Gardner Campbell Conversation with Christina Engelbart

Guest Speaker: Christina Engelbart

Guest Speaker: Christina Engelbart

Session Host: Dr. Gardner Campbell

Session Host: Dr. Gardner Campbell

To accompany our session posted on Gardner’s YouTube Channel:
A conversation with Christina Engelbart of the Doug Engelbart Institute

Christina cites:
Study guide that I posted for the Engelbart readings/videos at Links:Doug

Gardner cites:
Course website

Gardner cites: 
Editing Doug’s talk at the Accelerated Change Conference, where he said “Oh!” instead of “Right?”
Large-Scale Collective IQ keynote speech by Doug Engelbart 2004 audio recording
Christina cites:
Story on the creation of a new presentation format for Doug’s talks
Bootstrap “Paradigm Map” – you can watch Doug presenting
Christina cites:
Bret Victor’s post after Doug died, likening the media posts as if you got a chance to talk with the guy who invented written language and only let them talk about the pencil they use
Listed in Christina’s post The human side of Doug Engelbart
Gardner inquires: 
How/where Doug first encountered Vannevar Bush’s “As We May Think”, and the letter Doug sent to him in 1962, see
Vannevar Bush influence on Doug Engelbart
Christina cites:
In 1969 Doug’s lab hooked into the ARPAnet
watch Doug announce plans during the 1968 demo; see also
– Engelbart’s Role in Early Computer Networking
Christina cites:
The management seminars Doug presented at Stanford beginning in late 1980s
See for example Bootstrap Seminar 1992
Guided tour of relevant web pages:

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